Three Eared Dog


Representing the next generation of the blues, Three-Eared Dog harnesses the raw energy of the electric blues and uses it to plow fresh fields. With influences and experiences from all over the musical spectrum and a fresh take on the old power trio formula, these young musicians focus their formidable talents on reinventing old standards as well as crafting original material with lyrics that propel the emotion of the blues into the 21st century. With a revolving lineup featuring the regions best horn players, vocalists, and keyboardists, Three-Eared Dog puts on a powerful performance that you will leave you with the knowledge that the blues are in very capable hands.

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  1. Ed Johnson April 19, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    I heard the band at Sean Kelly’s in Missoula on April 16th.

    While I may be somewhat prejudiced in my review (my son Aaron is the drummer), these guys cranked out a GREAT one-hour set that had the crowd tuning in big-time. Though they might be considered “chronologically challenged” (YOUNG!), they have some big-time chops on their instruments, and sport a nice mix of vocals. I’m looking forward to hearing them progress as they build their repertoire and their stage time.

    Give them a listen if they come to a venue near you. I think you’ll agree that these guys are the real deal!

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